Our Happy School

Proudly presents

the Happy Staff

of the Gozo College Rabat Primary School

The School Management Team:

Head of School

Mr Lelio Spiteri

Assistant Heads of School

Mr Silvio Grima

Ms Helga Vella

Kinder 1 Squirrels

Ms Josephine Cachia

KinderĀ 1 Dragons

Ms Mary Rose Cefai

Kinder 1 Butterflies

Ms Roberta Hili

Ms Brittany Haber

Ms Ann Marie Spiteri (LSA)

Kinder 1 Kites

Ms Antida Cassar

Kinder 2 Peacocks

Ms Daniela Vassallo

Kinder 2 Canaries

Ms Sarah Grima

Ms Diane Attard (LSA)

Kinder 2 Swallows

Ms Anna Maria Farrugia

Ms Isabelle Vella (LSA)

Ms Theresa Grech (LSA)

Year 1 Robins

Ms Francine Galea

Ms Maria Assunta Mejlaq (LSA)

Ms Miriam Tabone (LSA)

Year 1 Puffins

Ms Sonia Mercieca

Ms Samantha Ann Bajada (LSA)

Year 2 Lilies

Ms Liliana Vella

Ms Genevieve Buttigieg (LSA)

Year 2 Diasies

Ms Elizabeth Mizzi

Ms Karen Bugeja (LSA)

Year 3 Stars

Ms Christine Scerri

Ms Gina Attard (LSA)

Year 3 Sparkles

Ms Mary Rose Agius

Ms Janice Azzopardi (LSA)

Year 3 Angels

Ms Miriam Portelli

Ms Hilda Grima (LSA)

Year 4 Owls

Ms Michelle Buhagiar

Ms Sharon Grech (LSA)

Year 4 Parrots

Ms Antoinette Buttigieg

Ms Jacqueline Schembri (LSA)

Year 4 Flamingos

Ms Micheline Cremona

Ms Elizabeth Cauchi (LSA)

Year 5 Dolphins

Mr Mario Cordina

Ms Daniela Camilleri (LSA)

Year 5 Seahorses

Ms Anabel Sultana

Ms Alison Portelli (LSA)

Ms Josephine Portelli (LSA)

Year 5 Starfish

Ms Mary Jude Dimech

Ms Loretta Cutajar (LSA)

Year 6 Unicorns

Ms Marilyn Farrugia

Year 6 Pixies

Ms Francelle Sciberras

Ms Sandi Apap (LSA)

Year 6 Griffins

Mr George Curmi

Complementary TeachersĀ 

Ms Christabel Attard (Years 1, 2 and 3)

Mr Shawn Pete Azzopardi (Years 4, 5 and 6)

Lace and Embroidery Teacher

Ms Mary Anne Cremona

Nurture Group

Ms Lorna Camilleri

Ms Josephine Jesse Mercieca LSA

Ms Maria Lourdes Portelli SLSA


Ms Mary Grace Xuereb

Clerk/Executive Officer

Mr Saviour Grima

Ms Josianne Callus

General Hands

Mr Joseph Debrincat

Mr Emanuel Grima

Ms MaryAnne Grima

Ms Mary Mizzi

Ms Maria Vella

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