Our Happy School

proudly presents

the Happy Staff

of the Gozo College Rabat Primary School

The School Management Team:

Head of School

Mr Lelio Spiteri

Assistant Heads of School

Mr Silvio Grima

Ms Helga Vella

Ms Nadine Grech

Kinder 1 Butterflies

Ms Roberta Hili

Ms Deborah Muscat (LSE)

Kinder 1 Squirrels

Ms Josephine Cachia

Kinder 1 Dragons

Ms Mary Rose Cefai

Kinder 2 Canaries

Ms Sarah Grima

Ms Marija Vella Grima (LSE)

Kinder 2 Kites

Ms Antida Cassar

Kinder 2 Swallows

Ms Anna Maria Farrugia

Ms Jacqueline Schembri (LSE)

Year 1 Humming Birds

Ms Sonia Mercieca

Year 1 Robins

Ms Francine Galea

Ms Theresa Grech (LSE)

Year 1 Sparrows

Ms Marika Camilleri

Year 2 Lilies

Ms Liliana Vella

Ms Ramona Attard (LSE)

Year 2 Diasies

Ms Elizabeth Mizzi

Ms Daniela Camilleri (LSE)

Year 2 Poppies

Ms Antoinette Buttigieg

Ms Hilda Grima (LSE)

Year 3 Stars

Ms Christine Scerri

Ms Isabelle Vella (LSE) 

Year 3 Sparkles

Ms Mary Rose Agius

Ms Sandi Apap (LSE)

Year 3 Angels

Ms Michelle Buhagiar

Ms Maria Assunta Mejlaq (LSE)

Year 4 Owls

Ms Miriam Portelli

Ms Sue Ellen Attard (LSE)

Year 4 Parrots

Ms Loretta Mercieca

Ms Diane Attard (LSE)

Year 4 Flamingos

Ms Micheline Cremona

Ms Karen Bugeja (LSE) 

Year 5 Starfish

Ms Manolita Pace

Ms Allison Portelli (LSE)

Year 5 Dolphins

Mr Mario Cordina

Ms Natalina Debrincat (LSE)

Year 5 Seahorses

Ms Anabel Sultana

Ms Sharon Grech (LSE)

Year 6 Griffins

Mr George Curmi

Ms Loretta Cutajar (LSE)

Year 6 Unicorns

Ms Marilyn Farrugia

Ms Alison Curmi (LSE)

Year 6 Pixies

Ms Francelle Sciberras

Ms Mary Camilleri (LSE)

Complementary Teachers 

Ms Mariella Grech (Years 1, 2 and 3)

Ms Marica Sultana (Years 4, 5 and 6)

Ms Jane Ann Mejlaq (Teaching Maltese to foreigners) 

Ethics Teacher

Ms Kirby Caruana

Lace and Embroidery Teacher

Ms Mary Anne Cremona

Nurture Group

Ms Lorna Camilleri

Ms Josephine Jesse Mercieca (LSE)

Ms Maria Lourdes Portelli (LSE)


Ms Mary Grace Xuereb

Clerk/Executive Officer

Mr Saviour Grima

Ms Josianne Callus

General Hands

Ms Loretta Attard

Ms Frances Cauchi

Mr Joseph Debrincat

Mr Christopher Gafa’

Mr Emanuel Grima

Ms MaryAnne Grima

Ms Maria Vella

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