Our Happy School

Proudly presents

the Staff

of the Gozo College Rabat Primary School

The School Management Team:

Head of School

Mr Lelio Spiteri

Assistant Heads of School             

Mr Silvio Grima

Ms Helga Vella

Kinder 1 Ducklings                          

Kinder 1 Bunnies                            

Kinder 1 Cubs

Kinder 1 Birdies

Kinder 2 Kittens

Kinder 2 Puppies

Kinder 2

Year 1 Diamonds                          

Year 1 Stars                                      

Year 2 Busy Bees

Year 2 Penguins               

Year 3 Caterpillars                           

Year 3 Butterflies                            

Year 4 Gladiators                            

Year 4 Vikings                                   

Year 4 Pirates

Year 5 Tulips                                    

Year 5 Roses

Year 5

Year 6

Year 6                 

Complementary Teachers 

Nurture Group



Mr Saviour Grima

General Hands

Mr Joseph Debrincat

Mr Emanuel Grima

Ms MaryAnne Grima

Ms Mary Mizzi

Ms Maria Vella

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